Сommittee of the Changsha Municipal Party and Secretary of the Liuyang Municipal Party Committee, inspected the Global Power Technology’s New 6’’ Inch Line

Secretary Li visited the construction site of the GPT project for investigation and guidance

  Li Chunqiu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Liuyang province Municipal Party Committee, led the Liuyang Municipal Party Committee. The new manufacturer line in Liuyang province carried out research on the construction site to understand the situation of the enterprise, to emphasize and guide the deployment of the next phase of the development.
  Secretary Li and his entourage successively inspected the construction site of the Liuyang Global Power Technology’s project, and interesting about the preliminary work of the project construction, construction progress, difficulties, plan for recruitment and employment, technical personnel training, and matters that need to be closely promoted before the project is put into operation.

Construction site of Global Power technology new manufacturer in Liuyang province

  Secretary Li especially emphasized that the Global Power Technology new line is an important link for the park’s semiconductors to achieve upstream and downstream linkages, which is conducive to the clustering and alliance of the park’s industries, and is of great significance for the overall planning of the park to achieve the industrial development of scale, synergy, and superposition effects. . Secretary Li expected and looked forward to the smooth commissioning of this project as soon as possible, and agreed to visit again before the project is commissioned.