Congratulations to Global Power Technology for "DNV and USCG certification"

Recently, GPT successfully passed the certification of the United States Coast Guard with the international ship standard, becoming the first silicon carbide power electronics company in China to obtain DNV and USCG certification.

In the current difficult time to fight the epidemic, new certification is undoubtedly the first good news for our company after the 2020 Spring Festival.

Global Power Technology DNV and USCG certification

The emergence of ship power supply is a special ship power supply that meets the requirements of offshore platforms, ships and related special environmental power protection requirements. Due to the particularity of maritime fields such as offshore platforms and ships, the navigation equipment, emergency lighting systems, lifesaving systems, IT equipment, communication systems and other marine equipment used by them have higher requirements for the stability and reliability of power supply systems. As the space inside the offshore platform or cabin is relatively limited, the design of related electrical equipment needs to take into account the tolerance of high ambient temperature, high ambient humidity, high salt spray environment, and resistance to vibration, tilt, and swing conditions. Therefore, during the design process, the designer of electrical equipment must strictly select the electrical components to ensure that they can ensure the requirements of high reliability and long life under these harsh conditions. The internal power semiconductor components, as the core components of electrical equipment, must strictly comply with international standards to ensure their reliability and working life.

Compared with other high-power ground power supplies, high-temperature, high-pressure, high-reliability SiC devices are also more suitable, and their application prospects are broader.

性能对比 Performance comparison

产品优势 Product advantages

工作环境温度提升20℃;Increase the working environment temperature by 20 ° C;

重量降低60%  60% weight reduction

体积减小67%  67% reduction in volume

效率提高3%; 3% increase in efficiency;

更优的PF和THD   Better PF and THD

可靠  轻便  高效  耐温   Reliable, lightweight and efficient

传统Si方案   新SiC方案   Traditional Si scheme New SiC scheme

重量 体积 损耗 最高耐温   Weight, Volume, Loss, Maximum Temperature Resistance

GPT became the first domestic silicon carbide power electronics company to pass DNV and USCG certification. This is not only the best testimony best quality, but also a strong support for GPT's core competitiveness.

Take advantage of mature silicon carbide device product development and production experience, excellent product quality and supply capabilities, leading comprehensive service capabilities, Global Power Technology has been deeply trusted and recognized by domestic and foreign partners and the industry. The company will not forget its original intention, forge ahead, and contribute to the development of domestic silicon carbide semiconductors.

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DNV GL Group is one of the world's leading classification societies, as well as risk management experts in the oil and gas, renewable energy and power industries. As one of the world's leading independent technical service organizations, DNV GL Group will have top-level technical knowledge and strong innovation capabilities.


The U.S. Coast Guard is the only comprehensive law enforcement agency at sea in the United States and is one of the most powerful maritime law enforcement teams in the world today. The U.S. Coast Guard is one of the five largest armed forces in the United States and one of the largest departments of the US federal government today, the Department of Homeland Security. It is mainly responsible for security, patrol, and law enforcement tasks on all US coastlines.


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