Beijing 5G Industry “White Paper”: Focus on supporting 6-inch SiC and GaN chip process platforms

Recently, at the closing ceremony of the World 5G Conference, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economic Information Technology released the "Beijing 5G Industry Development White Paper (2019)". The “White paper” disclosed that the development of Beijing's 5G industry has achieved initial results, and the industrial ecology has begun to take shape. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic Information Bureau said that in the next step, the city will use typical scene demonstration applications as the starting point to promote the implementation of major 5G application projects, jointly build key core technology research and innovation platforms, strengthen 5G infrastructure planning and construction, and improve 5G. Network supporting construction management and 5G international exchange experience sharing.

The white paper is based on the development goals of the "Beijing 5G Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)" and the current state of development of the 5G industry. In January 2019, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology issued the above-mentioned action plan, and proposed the implementation of the “One-Five-Five-One” project, that is, “one” breakthrough—breakthrough in key links such as mid- and high-frequency core device technology; the “five” big scene advancement "Five" typical applications; foster "one" batch of 5G industry new formats.

According to the plan of the "Beijing 5G Industry Development White Paper (2019)", Beijing will promote the development of the 5G industry from 7 aspects in the future: one is to promote the implementation of two major 5G application projects and continue to promote 5G applications; the other is to create innovation in the 5G industry Platform; the third is to strengthen the construction of 5G infrastructure and strengthen the co-construction and sharing of 5G infrastructure; the fourth is to strengthen the co-construction and sharing within and between industries; the fifth is to establish a special guarantee fund for 5G development. The sixth is to plan the implementation plan of 5G application scenarios, accelerate the development of the industry, especially set up a smart travel platform in the field of smart transportation to provide data support. Seventh, carry out international sharing of 5G experience exchange.

The white paper introduces that in terms of core technology, Beijing mainly makes breakthroughs in 5G power amplifiers, base station baseband and other core chips, communication protocol stack software, telecommunication network operating systems and other weak links in the industry; on the core components of the industry chain, it focuses on supporting 6-inch carbonization The silicon and gallium nitride chip process platform project is expected to reach the goal of producing 1,000 6-inch 5G medium-frequency chips per month in the initial stage. In terms of industrial ecology construction, support enterprises to set up joint innovation centers, build an open and win-to-win industrial ecology, and make full use of Beijing city. With the technological level and industrial scale advantages in the fields of integrated circuits and software development, it focuses on building key core products such as chips, operating systems, and databases.

Regarding the layout of infrastructures such as 5G base stations that citizens care about, it is understood that Beijing will prepare a city-wide 5G base station site plan, strengthen the city's 5G infrastructure co-construction and sharing and energy-saving management, and effectively coordinate the 5G base station construction with urban and rural construction and environmental protection , Actively promote the miniaturization and aesthetic construction of 5G base stations, and explore diversified base station deployment methods.

It is worth mentioning that the infrastructure of party and government agencies, institutions, state-owned enterprises and public places such as schools, hospitals, and venues at all levels in this city will be open to the construction of 5G base stations, providing resources such as pipelines, communication rooms, sky surfaces, and power. To facilitate the construction and maintenance of 5G base stations; relevant municipal departments should open all types of towers (poles), pipelines, and power resources under the premise of ensuring safety. In terms of energy management, 5G power policy support is provided to meet the needs of 5G network facilities operation.

According to the requirements, any institution or individual is prohibited from obstructing the construction of communication facilities or collecting unreasonable fees for no reason; any organization or individual may not dismantle or modify it without authorization, and if the mobile communication base station and supporting communication facilities are altered or relocated due to urban construction, land acquisition and relocation, Appropriate compensation shall be given; any unit or individual is prohibited from charging extra fees in violation of base station operation and maintenance procedures.

How does the enterprise development solve the funding problem? The white paper discloses that this city will focus its limited financial resources on major and urgent matters. In accordance with the principle of special funds, a 5G key technology special R & D fund was established to focus on funding projects consistent with 5G key technology goals, and support innovation platforms in key areas to provide professional services around 5G key technology research, typical demonstration applications, and ecological model innovation. At the same time, it will also cooperate with the reform of the personnel system to gather a large number of high-end talents to further optimize the talent resource structure of Beijing's 5G key technology areas.

As of October 2019, the three major operators have completed the construction of more than 11,000 base stations in Beijing, and it is expected that 14,000 5G base stations will be completed by the end of the year.

It is estimated that by the end of 2021, 5G users worldwide including mobile and fixed broadband services will reach 650 million, China's 5G users will reach 240 million, global base station deployments will exceed 4.3 million, and China's 5G base station deployments will exceed 1.65 million. ; It is expected that by 2025 there will be 6.5 million 5G base stations and 2.8 billion 5G users worldwide, of which China will have more than 4 million base stations and users will exceed 1 billion.

The white paper discloses that in the future, Beijing will set up a special research and development fund for 5G key technologies, focusing on funding projects that are consistent with key 5G technology goals, and supporting innovation platforms in key areas to provide professional services around 5G key technology research, typical demonstration applications, and ecological model innovation. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic Information Bureau, by 2022, 5G will be widely used in Beijing's smart transportation, smart medical care, industrial Internet, smart cities, ultra-high-definition video, etc., and cultivate a number of key scene applications to form a number of applications. Copy typical examples that can be promoted.


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