2011.04 Incorporated in Haidian District, Beijing.
2012.02 The company's 100-level clean room was officially opened, and the main process equipment began to be commissioned.
2012.03 SiC process line starts test strip.
2012.12 The first generation 1200V20A Schottky diode was successfully developed.
2013.09 Obtained ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate.
2013.11 Mass production of 1200V and 600V Schottky diodes.
2013.12 Successful development of 1700V10A and 3300V5A Schottky diodes.
2014.03 Fully market-oriented to provide various types of silicon carbide devices from 600V to 1200V.
2014.12 Successful development of 3300V50A Schottky diode.
2015.10 The company established the Silicon Carbide Power Device Application Research Center.
2016.12 Successful trial production of 1200V10A SiC Mosfet sample.
2018.12 Acquired IATF 16949: 2016 Quality Management System Certificate.
2019.03 The 6-inch semiconductor silicon carbide power electronic device production line project was officially signed and settled in Jiujiang Economic Development Zone.

Production line interior

First silicon carbide device fabrication and application solution provider in China

One of the pioneers in the industrialization of China's silicon carbide (SiC) power devices

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